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Andy Higgins


Andy Higgins has worked with Lotus Notes and Domino on a professional basis since 1996. He is the founder and head consultant at IMCollaboration, a company dedicated to providing Lotus Notes, Domino, and Sametime services and applications. Andy has worked for Bank of America as its lead collaboration architect and has also had two stints with IBM as a consultant in both post- and pre-sales technical roles. Throughout his career he has also worked on many email migration projects and is an expert on both Email, Instant Messaging and Collaboration systems migration, interoperability and coexistence. Currently he is focused on helping clients move to the cloud.

Arshad Khalid

Director of Technical Services

Arshad has been working with Notes/Domino since 1998. Having earned his first CLP stripes with release 4.5, Arshad kept pace with the changing face of Notes/Domino and was recognised as one of the IBM Lotus Top Achievers in 2009 and as an IBM Champion for 2014 & 2015. Over the years, Arshad has had the experience of working with consultancies, big corporates and public organisations delivering innovative collaborative business solutions based on Notes/Domino. He now works at BCC leading the international technical services team.

Barry Rosen

IBM Collaboration Solutions
Offering Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions

Barry Rosen is an Offering Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions. He is responsible for cognitive integrations across the ICS portfolio, Barry also owns many key product responsibilities across IBM's Messaging and Collaboration portfolio (including IBM Notes/Domino and IBM Sametime). Previously, Barry was a Messaging and Collaboration consultant with IBM Software Services for Collaboration. As a consultant for nearly 8 years, he was heavily involved in IBM Connections Cloud migrations and hybrid deployments. Barry is also a published author with several books and articles written on ICS products.

Ben Menesi

Ytria Inc.
Head of Product

As Head of Product at Ytria, Ben Menesi oversees the strategic direction of product development and leads worldwide customer workshops on ICS administration & development.
Ben regularly speaks at industry conferences such as IBM Connect, Engage, Auslug, and at numerous customer events around the globe. His acclaimed presentations cover topics such as Domino administration, enterprise security, and Domino replication. He has been named IBM Champion for the past 3 consecutive years.

Ben Langhinrichs

Genii Software

A software entrepreneur by day, a children's author by night and tall all the time. Widely considered the world's foremost expert on Notes rich text, but currently in a 12-step program for recovering C API developers hoping to transition to dish washing or data science. 12-step motto: "Our success rate is low, but our attitude is great!"

Bill Malchisky

Effective Software Solutions, LLC
Managing Partner/Chief Technical Architect

Bill Malchisky Jr. is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions 2016-2011, bringing 20+ years of global Lotus consulting experience in regulated verticals to his sessions at over 25 LUGs/conferences. He enjoys speaking about IBM software on Linux, performs Linux admin training around the world, and is the co-founder of Linuxfest now in its sixth year at Lotusphere / Connect. Additionally, Bill co-authored two IBM Redbooks on Linux, plus worked with Lotus Education to re-vamp the Domino 8.5 Admin certification exam track. He provides technical tips on his ICS/Lotus and Linux focused blog at http://billmal.com

Bob Kadrie

Red Pill Now
Creative Director

During his career, Bob Kadrie has garnered scores of awards serving as advisor to senior business executives from AT&T, The Center for Civil and Human Rights, Emory University, General Motors, J.M. Huber, Rinnai Corporation and Worldspan, among others. Noted trainer and speaker, Bob leads Red Pill Now’s UX and design practice.

Chris Miller


Chris, an IBM Champion since 2011, speaks globally at IBM and other social media events and conferences. He is better known online as IdoNotes and runs one of the longest industry blogs, podcasts, webcasts and sys admin newsletters. Chris is the Director of Collaboration Services at Connectria, an IBM awarded MSP and hosting provider.

Clarence White

The Salvation Army

Clarence White is an award winning CIO specializing in the nonprofit sector. Following a stint with PwC, White spent 25 years successfully leading technology for nonprofit organizations around the world. His sector-leading innovation and instinct for value have been widely recognized and celebrated. Recently, his current employer, The Salvation Army, was ranked at #32 in the 2014 InformationWeek 500 as one of the most innovation organizations in America. White is also an inductee into the ComputerWorld 100 listing of top CIOs. White recently relocated from Southern California to Atlanta, Georgia from where he leads Salvation Army technology operations. A perpetual student of the industry, in addition to his Masters and Bachelor degrees, White has earned over two dozen industry specific certifications and is an expert in a diverse collection of IT subjects and disciplines.

Csaba Kiss


I have been an XPage developer for 2 years now. I used to be a molecular biologist for 25 years. However, my hobby was always coding and eventually I followed my heart and became a full-time developer. I am stil learning XPage/Domino development and along the way I embrace new technologies. I blog about my "development" and learning process at XpageXplorer.org. Coding is my passion and I love sharing my enthusiasm for it.

Daniel Reimann

Director Technical Account Management

Daniel Reimann is working with IBM Notes/Domino as a technical consultant ever since 1999. Since 2011 he’s directing the team of Technical Account Managers at panagenda and has his main focus on IBM infrastructure analysis und -optimization. For 2015 he was awarded the “IBM Champion for ICS” title from IBM. Daniel designs and implements panagenda solutions at customers and also gives trainings in his company’s portfolio while frequently finding diversity in giving sessions on conferences all over Europe and the United States.

Darren Duke

Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc

Yeah, that Darren Duke. Sometime blogger, topless singer, old-man-style ranter and maybe soon-to-be re-podcaster......

David Wice

Decision Labs Inc
Account Manager

Prior to this year, my focus has been technical. For more than 15 years I developed applications using a variety of tools, but predominantly Notes & Domino. My recent focus is on account management which involves working with existing customers to ensure high levels of satisfaction with our product offerings. My goal is to establish a relationship with key contacts in our customer base, learn more about their business and technical needs, and offer solutions that will help them to improve their internal systems and processes, as well as responding to issues or 'calls for help'​.
My background in business analysis, development and project management allows me to talk tech if needed, but I can also communicate very effectively with non-technical people.

David Hablewitz

Divergent Solutions LLC
Problem Solver & Efficiency Expert

David has a degree in Computer Science, 10 years experience as a software developer and 20 years as a Notes administrator and later as a consultant. He has performed dozens of migrations and upgrades. He was one of the first business partners to be certified as an IBM SmartCloud Data Transfer Manager. He now manages his company, Divergent Solutions specializing in cloud solutions as an IBM business partner.

David Leedy


David, an IBM Champion and VideoFest winner, has been a Notes Developer and corporate developer since 1994. He has presented topics on XPages for several of IBM's Lotusphere and Connect conferences as well as most of the U.S. based user groups. In 2009 David created the NotesIn9 Screencast. NotesIn9 has specialized in XPages tips and training for almost 200 episodes. All shows are free and many top contributors have joined in to share their knowledge. All episodes are free and available on NotesIn9.com and YouTube.com.

Devin Olson

Collaborative Solutions Developer

Devin Olson is an IBM Champion, an Anheuser Busch Certified Beer Master, a Biker, and Curmudgeon. Devin has been developing software since the days of punch cards and paper tape, began working with Notes and Domino in R3, and is still learning new things.

Eric McCormick

The Boldt Company
Web Developer

A full-stack web developer, Eric has a passion for application structure, MVC practices on the back-end, MV* framework use on the front-end, and applying advanced tooling and automation to the development workflow, to better aid the developer's process and quality of deliverable application.

Francie Tanner


Francie Tanner is a Director for panagenda, an Austrian based IT management software solution provider. Born and raised in Switzerland, Francie has 17 years experience with solving operational and strategic business problems. After nearly a decade in the British West Indies, she now lives in South Carolina and is passionate about business development and partner enablement. Francie is a 4 time IBM Champion, as well as a frequent speaker at technical conferences in the US and Europe.

Gabriella Davis

The Turtle Partnership
Technical Director

Gabriella Davis –Technical Director, The Turtle Partnership -is a highly respected member of IBM’s technical community and in 2016 was a recipient of the first IBM Lifetime Champion award. With her focus on design, development, deployment and administration of global infrastructures, she has established herself and her firm as experts within the messaging/collaborative space. Besides enjoying the challenge of learning new technologies and thriving in environments of constant change, Gabriella shares her love of collaborative technologies by presenting at user groups, conferences and industry events around the world on the topics of administration, infrastructure, security and collaboration. She is the author of a book on Sametime Administration and the training site Connections101info. Her blog can be found at http://turtleblog.info

Howard Greenberg


Howard is a founding partner at TLCC, the leader in Notes and Domino training. Howard has spoken about XPages at Connect, many user events, and numerous private XPages training sessions at clients. He is a Certified Lotus Instructor and a Certified Notes and Domino Professional as well as a Certified Information Systems Auditor. Howard was first named an IBM Champion in 2012 and has earned that distinction every year. Currently Howard spends him time developing XPages applications for TLCC's clients using Java, Bootstrap, and other web technologies.

Jesse Gallagher

I Know Some Guys, LLC

Jesse is the CTO of I Know Some Guys, LLC, a member of the board of OpenNTF, and an IBM Champion. He blogs irregularly at frostillic.us on topics primarily related to Domino/XPages development and general programming.

John Head

PSC Group
Chief Evangelist and Business Development

John D. Head, Chief Evangelist and Business Development at PSC Group, LLC, is a 20 year veteran of collaboration application development. He is a frequent speaker at technology events and works with companies to apply application modernization and mobilization to their business processes and applications. PSC Group, a professional services and information technology consulting firm, created the Application Modernization Center (AMC) to apply a methodology to invested platforms and applications and bring mobile, cloud, social and analytics to business process. He can be found speaking at numerous technology and industry events during the year. He shares his knowledge at www.johndavidhead.com.
John is also active outside of his work. He is on the executive board and the Community Outreach Director for Lumity, Chicago's not-for-profit helping the city and business come together to provide STEM education. John is a member of the advisory board of the Leadership Circle of the Executives Club of Chicago.

Julian Robichaux

Senior Software Developer

Julian Robichaux is a senior software developer for panagenda, an Austrian based IT management software solution provider. His personal website (nsftools.com) has been offering tips and tools for IBM Notes and Domino developers since 2002, and he has been an IBM Champion since 2011. Julian also publishes open-source applications and code, has written articles for IBM developerWorks and SocialBizUG, and has been giving presentations at IBM conferences, VIEW conferences, and user group meetings in several countries for over 10 years.

Karl-Henry Martinsson

Deep South Insurance
Sr Application Developer

I am a Lotus Notes developer based in Dallas, TX, but originally from Stockholm, Sweden.
I have been working with Notes and Domino since 1996, full-time since the end of 1997. In 2014, 2015 and again in 2016 I was honored by IBM by being selected as one the IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions. I have presented at MWLUG in 2015 as well as IBM Connect 2016.
I have been working with HTML and web technologies since early 1994. Currently I mostly work with jQuery and Bootstrap, but I have been looking at other Javascript frameworks as well.
My main work is currently done using Lotusscript and Javascript/jQuery. I also recently started working with C# and .NET.

Kathy Brown

Senior Consultant

Kathy Brown is a Senior Consultant with PSC Group, LLC. Kathy lives in New Hampshire and has worked with IBM (Lotus) Notes since 1995. She has spoken at events such as IBM Connect (Lotusphere), The View Developer conference, and numerous user group conferences around the world. She also has written for various industry publications, including The View publication, SocialBizUg.org, and others. Kathy blogs about IBM Notes (and other things) at her website www.runningnotes.net. She is also a runner, a mom, a Twitter addict, a geek, a loud laugher, and a Nerd Girl!

Keith Strickland

Red Pill Now

Former IBM Champion and creator of the Open NTF XBlog and XPages Calendar projects, Keith Strickland is a recognized expert on Dojo, XPages, SCM and Custom Components, as well as a thought leader by way of his prolific blog contributions within the Lotus Community. Keith leads Red Pill Now’s front-end development team.

Kerry Godbold 

Canal Barge Company
IS Applications Administrator

25 years experience IBM products including Notes and, more recently, Connections and Verse.
Current responsibilities include:
IBM Connections and Verse Adoption Coordinator, Trainer and Administrator
Projector Coordinator and Administrator for OnBase, TowWorks, RAVE notification application and several internal Notes apps

Kim Greene

Kim Greene Consulting, Inc.

Kim Greene is president of Kim Greene Consulting, Inc. specializing in providing consulting services for the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio for IBM i (formerly AS/400, iSeries, System i), Windows and Linux. Kim’s experience and consulting services range from installing and configuring Domino, Sametime and Connections servers to performance analysis, system and application tuning, health checks and security reviews, upgrades and migrations, disaster recovery assessments, high availability solutions, and customized application development. Other services offered include providing customized education and training for customers and business partners.

Kirti Gani

IBM Collaboration Solutions
Program Director for IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) Cloud Application Development

Kirti Gani is the Program Director for IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) Cloud Application Development.  His teams have the mission for growing the partner and application ecosytem around ICS Cloud offerings.  Kirti has been with IBM since 2000 where he started as a Support Software Engineer.  Over the past 16 years he has taken on a variety of leadership positions all that have had focus on delivering the best possible customer experience from his time in leading support teams in Notes & Domino, worldwide Level 2 Support for Sametime, Sametime Development and now with Cloud Application Development.  

Kito Mann

Red Pill Now
Senior Web Developer

Kito D. Mann specializes in enterprise application architecture, training, development, and mentoring with JavaServer Faces, HTML5 Web Components, Polymer, portlets, Liferay, and Java EE technologies. He is also the editor-in-chief of JSFCentral.com (www.jsfcentral.com), co-host of the Enterprise Java Newscast (http://www.enterprisejavanews.com), and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). Mann has participated in several Java Community Process expert groups (including CDI, JSF and Portlets) and is also an internationally recognized speaker. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Kyle Coey

Prominic.NET, Inc.
Chief Compliance Officer

Kyle Coey was brought on board to Prominic.NET in order to help align the company's various compliance programs including HIPAA, PCI and SSAE-16. He has previous experience working as a research manager in the agriculture industry and is an Army veteran.

Luis Guirigay

WW Executive IT Specialist

Luis Guirigay is a WW Executive IT Specialist at IBM. He focuses on anything Social, Cloud and Collaboration and he is often involved in complex technical situations or IT strategy discussions around the world. You can always find him speaking at different events and sharing his knowledge and passion for Domino, Connections, Sametime and Verse. You can connect with him via @lguiriga"

Mark Myers

Director LDC Via

Mark Myers has been writing / fixing code as well as dealing with collaboration, infrastructure and security issues in companies large and small for over twenty years.
Constantly trying to mesh the latest thing with the tried and tested to give clients both the solution they want and the results they need.

Marlon Machado

Sr. Offering Manager, Collaboration Solutions

Marlon has been part of the IBM Collaboration Solutions offering management team since 2008 in various capacities. Today his primary focus is bringing Project Toscana to market.

Michael Smith

Mutual Boiler Re
Senior Developer/Analyst

I've been working with Notes/Domino for close to 18 years across many industries, with a focus on XPages over the past 4 years. Currently, I am leading an effort to convert a large, business critical Notes Client based application to Xpages.

Mike McGarel

Collaborative Solutions Developer

Mike McGarel is a Collaborative Solutions Developer for Czarnowski Display Services, Inc., where “XPages marks the spot” in his career right now. He has been working with Notes/Domino/Web technologies for over sixteen years. He is currently the Vice President of GRANITE, the Chicago-based ICS user group, is a two-time presenter at Connect-o-sphere and is a regular presenter at MWLUG. He also helps out with the MWLUG site design and maintenance.

Nathan Freeman

Red Pill Now

Paul Calhoun

Vice President

  • Vice President – QDilligence
  • CTO – NetNotes Solutions Unlimited
  • IBM – Champion 2013-2016
  • Been teaching, administering and coding with Notes/Domino since release 2.
  • Been working with XPages since the beta release.
  • Spends all spare time showing people cute pictures of his grandkids !!! (You have been warned !! )

Peter Presnell

Red Pill Now

IBM Champion 2011/12, director of the Atlanta User Group for IBM Collaboration, and architect of the .Domino framework on OpenNTF, Peter Presnell is globally recognized as a lecturer, trainer and thought-leader within the IBM Notes marketplace.
Peter leads Red Pill Now’s market strategy and program management practice.

Philippe Riand


Philippe Riand is a technology visionary who spent his career designing application development platforms. Prior to joining Trilog Group and Darwino as CTO in 2014, he spent 10 years as the lead architect for the Domino XPages web development platform, which he originally invented and which has been very successful within the IBM developer community. Philippe also helped develop a thriving open source developer community around XPages and has been a regular contributor to the open source community. He has been an acclaimed speaker at IBM developer conferences for the past 10 years. Philippe is currently the chief architect of the Darwino mobile business application development platform.

Randy Horwitz

Development & Support Manager - Bluemix Mobile Services

To be added later

Rob Novak


Rob Novak is a purveyor of collaboration knowledge, the godfather of free beer in sessions, and a Lotus/IBM partner and aficionado for 22 years now. At IBM events and LUGs he has presented on all things Domino, Portal, Connections and the dead products too - development, admin and end user topics. As times change the topics may too, but after buying 800 beers in 10 years, there's one thing you can count on...his session won't be first in the morning!

Roy Rumaner

Rumaner Consulting
President / Consultant

Lotus Notes / XPages Developer.

Scott Souder

Program Director & Sr. Offering Manager - Verse, Notes and iNotes

Scott is the Program Director and Sr. Product Manager for Enterprise Social Solutions at IBM, where he is responsible for IBM Verse, IBM Notes and Domino, iNotes, Hawthorn, IBM Connections Mail, and several other emerging and cloud-based technologies. In addition to being a member of the original Notes team, Scott has held numerous positions across a variety of product-related organizations. Scott's focus is on developing, extending and growing the success of these solutions through customer engagement and partner ecosystem development by harnessing the breadth and depth of the IBM organization.

Shean McManus

Senior Consultant

Shean McManus, a Senior Consultant with the PSC Group, has over 20 years of IT experience including 17 on the Notes/Domino platform. He has a passion for front-end web development and writing applications that result in a positive and engaging user experience. A lifetime resident of Minnesota, he spends his summers watching his two boys play baseball and dreaming of when his winters will no longer be filled with snow and cold.

Stephanie Heit


Stephanie joined BCC in 2013 and is responsible for the company's international operations. She has been involved with the IBM Notes community for over 15 years. During this time she has worked with big and small enterprises helping them to get the best out of their IT infrastructure especially when it comes to securing and automating their IBM Domino processes.

Stephen Beagles

Prominic.NET, Inc.
Systems Administrator

Proud to have joined the Prominic.NET team in 2013, Stephen has been immersed in IBM technologies ever since!

Steve Loha

Canal Barge Company
XPages Developer

IBM Certified Collaboration Developer
Collaboration lead developer and IBM evangelist at Canal Barge Company. Steve is a full stack solutions architect with everything Web , XPages, Domino. Java and Android. Steve has participated in writing the Domino 9 Developer and Advanced Certifications for IBM. Automated business processes for over 15 years.

Stuart McIntyre

Senior Strategist

Stuart McIntyre is a two-decade veteran of the social collaboration community, driven by the desire to help individuals 'work better together'.
Following many years working for IBM partners and then his own businesses (Collaboration Matters and Social 365), Stuart recently shifted gears and took a role as a Senior Strategist at Jive Software. This experience has given Stuart additional insight on how best to execute and launch social intranet and external community projects, whatever the technology involved.
Stuart has been a multi-year IBM Champion and founded the Social Connections user group.

Trevor Poapst

Riva CRM Integration
VP Marketing and Sales

Trevor Poapst is VP of Marketing and Sales at Riva CRM Integration. Since 2008, Trevor has played a key role in helping define Riva's vision and mission, build its global marketing and sales teams, and achieve impressive financial results. Trevor has 15 years' experience in technology marketing. He holds a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Alberta and has taken several courses at Stanford and UC Berkeley. Trevor currently lives in Silicon Valley. He is an avid photographer and proud father of two daughters.

Viktor Krantz

Worldwide Technical Sales Specialist & SME - Connections Cloud & Domino Doublecheck

Viktor Krantz has worked in the Lotus and IBM business for over 20 years for consulting companies, business partners and, for the past 5 years, IBM.
His current role is Worldwide Technical Sales Specialist & SME - Connections Cloud & Domino Doublecheck for IBM.
He has been a presenter at over 40 IBM conferences and User Groups over the years.