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Improving Your Domino Designer Experience
Domino Designer for Eclipse (DDE) has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of settings and customization options. But do you really know how to make it work well for you? Julian will give you his favorite tips and tweaks for using DDE: making it faster, easier to use, and even how to track down some pesky errors. We will show you how to make DDE sing! (Literally, it will sing). Come to this session and get under the hood of DDE and make it do things you never thought it could do.
Julian Robichaux
Senior Software Engineer
Integrate Spreadsheets into Domino Solutions for FREE using open source tools.
Apache POI is an open source library that allows developers to create/modify/save spreadsheet documents. Notes/XPages is a great data aggregation tool, but many “users” still need/want to be able to “massage” the data and a spreadsheet is still the best tool for that job. POI allows developers to architect solutions that will take Notes data input from the client or the web, push that data to a spreadsheet, save it or have the the spreadsheet perform calculations and then pull the resulting data back into notes. This session will take developers through the process of installing and configuring FOP for development and production as well as supplying real world code examples of working with both Excel and Open Office documents.
Paul Calhoun
NetNotes Solutions Unlimited Inc.
Just the Facets Ma'am 
Join special agents Joe Friday and Frank Smith (Brad B and Paul D) as they uncover all the facts, and just the facts, about facets.  Watch as they filter through the opinions, rumors and misconceptions to get answers to all the tough questions like "What are facets?", "When and how should I use them?", "Who else is using them?" and "Why should I even care?"  Witness as they discover the xp:key differences and benefits of both named and unnamed facets.  Follow our pragmatic pair as they argue and each make a case for xe:dynamicContent or xe:switchFacet.  Listen as they reveal the flexibility and power of facets in the Form Table, Data View and Application Layout design frameworks.
Paul Della-Nebbia
Founding Partner

Brad Balassaitis
Senior Consultant/XPages Developer
PSC Group
Life in the fast lane; Full speed XPages
Using XPages out of the box lets you build good looking and well performing applications. However, as XPage applications become bigger and more complex, performance can become an issue and, if it comes to scalability and speed optimization, there are a couple of things to take into consideration. Learn how to use partial refresh and partial execution mode and how to monitor its execution using a JSF LifeCycle monitor to avoid multiple re-calculation of controls. We will show tools that can allow you to profile your code, readily available from OpenNTF, along with a demonstration of how to use them to improve the speed of your code. Still writing SSJS and encounter a significant slow down when using Script Libraries? See, how you can improve the speed of your application using JAVA instead of JS, JSON and even @formulas.
Ulrich Krause
Senior Sofware Architect
Living on the Grid - Unlock the Power of Dojo Data Grids
Are you tired of your new XPages views looking like your old Notes client views, but with less functionality? You've been living off the grid for too long. Provide a more modern look and feel with rich functionality using Dojo data grids in XPages! Learn about the Dojo Data Grid control and its key features, including infinite scrolling, sorting, and editable cells. Then transform the grid into a Dojo EnhancedGrid and take advantage of enhanced plugins to provide even more functionality, such as multi-rule filtering and context menus. Finally, get a glimpse of how to bypass the grid control in order to create a categorized Dojo TreeGrid. You'll come away with a myriad of options for providing appealing, interactive, highly functional data grids.
Brad Balassaitis
Senior Consultant/XPages Developer
PSC Group
OneUI.. really? Is that because you don't know about Twitter Bootstrap?
Did you know that Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular GitHub project? It's more popular than even rails and jQuery. If you don't know what it can do then you probably should and here is your chance. In this session I will discuss: - Building sexy web applications by leveraging the Twitter Bootstrap community - Why Twitter Bootstrap might be a better choice then IBM's OneUI - Rapid prototyping with Twitter Bootstrap - XPages specific resources to get you rolling - XPages time savers to generating valid Twitter Bootstrap markup
Andrew Barickman
Practice Leader of the Collaboration Practice
PSC Group
Programmatically Creating PDF's for FREE using open source tools
PDF’s have become a necessity in almost every application development environment including Notes/Domino and XPages. Unfortunately the available commercial tools can be expensive and still require developers to write code to provide custom solutions. Apache FOP to the rescue! FOP is an open source library that will allow developers to take XML input (like the XML from ?ReadViewEntries) or custom XML and apply an XSLT formatted stylesheet to it that contains PDF output instructions to create a PDF document. This session will guide participants through the complete setup, configuration and implementation. Source code of all example will be provided that can be used as templates for duplicating the solution in participants projects.
Paul Calhoun
NetNotes Solutions Unlimited Inc
The org.openntf.domino API: Modernized Domino Programming for Java and XPages
XPages have brought a massive step forward for Domino development, but the underlying API has gotten a little long in the tooth. The community-driven org.openntf.domino API open-source project remedies that, extending the familiar API with powerful new features, shortcuts for common actions, removal of old limitations, and modern Java idioms and niceties. Learn how to use the API in any of your Java or SSJS from one of the members of the project.
Jesse Gallagher
I Know Some Guys, LLC
Trendspotting. Conveying data through visualizations
Are your executives asking for dashboards to gain an understanding of key metrics at a glance? If not they will be soon. This is because abstract data is hard to comprehend at a glance. Through visualization we are able to understand the internal data structure, the casual relationship and the trends within the data. Today we will take a look at how using various types of charts and diagrams to aggregate data into a more friendly and easily consumable format. I will show how to create custom controls that you can use to assemble your own dashboard in XPages. We will use javascript and techniques that are applicable to any other web development platform. Lastly a sample database with working examples will be provided.
Wil How
XPages Consultant and Mentor
PSC Group
Write Cleaner, More-Manageable XPages Applications With Java
By moving your application's code from SSJS to Java using managed beans, data sources, and "controller" classes, you can dramatically simplify your XPage structure and more easily find ways to de-duplicate and improve code. In this fairly-advanced session, learn about restructuring your code to dramatically reduce the use of SSJS, allow your XPages to focus on the user interface, and provide cleaner and more-logical management of your data.
Jesse Gallagher
I Know Some Guys, LLC.
"Build a Bean" Workshop
Java beans are a great way to store and transfer data in XPages. They are fast, efficient and surprisingly easy to use. In this hands-on workshop hosted by two long-time Notes/Domino/XPages developers, you will build and deploy a Java bean in a simple XPages application on your own laptop. No Java experience necessary! Best of all, your code can be re-used in many of your own XPages projects. Come to this workshop and start your journey to advanced XPages development. Note: Domino Designer 8.5.3 or above is needed to participate, but all are invited to attend.
Mike McGarel
Collaborative Soutions Developer
Czarnowski Display Services, Inc.

Devin Olson
Collaborative Solutions Developer
Czarnowski Display Services, Inc.
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